SWAaT, in collaboration with ITA (Idara-e-Taleem-o-Agahi), has been supporting the education at five of the vulnerable schools in Swat. That is, Tootanobanday, Kabbal, Kanju, Charbagh and Deolai. All of these schools are Government Higher Secondary Schools for boys. Each school has been provided a fully equipped IT Lab and a Library in order to facilitate the learning and improve on the already existing teaching strategies. Two (2) teachers per school are also being supplemented, in order to provide the required support. Teacher training workshops are held on a quarterly basis in order to address the problems, issues, challenges in modes and methods of teaching and implementing ways of improving logical reasoning and rational thinking.

Schools Intervention Program (SIP)


1) Improvement in overall grades of students

2) Decrease in dropout rates in each school

3) Improvement in rational thinking and logical reasoning on various psychological assessment tools

4) Goal directed towards college and higher studies and tangible increase in admissions to better institutions in the KPK and Pothohar areas of Pakistan. We expect this to increase with each subsequent year as the students in class 8, e.g: will have had 3 years of intervention advantage versus class 10th students who will have had just one year of intervention this year.

5) Reports of self motivated proactive social involvement.

The month of August has been productive for the School Intervention Project. A wide range of activities were conducted within this month, and these are listed below.

The first was an assessment of the schools. This revealed the following:

1.      All schools are in need of more rooms as the overall school enrollment has increased and there is not sufficient space to accommodate all the students.

2.      More teachers are needed, especially for core subjects such as English

3.      Need for financial support or provision of stationary, books, uniform, shoes, etc for those belonging to very low income brackets and cannot support the child’s education.

4.      Science labs should have laboratory equipment, and audio visual equipment should be given to the schools.

If the results of the previous months assessment are compared to this months, we can see that in GHSS Kabal, the attendance of the students improved from 85% to 96%, in GHSS Charbagh it improved from 83% to 95%, in GHS Kanju from 88% to 96%, in GHS Deolai from 85% to 96% and in GHS Tootanubanday from 85% to 93%.

The overall teachers attendance was excellent, i.e. 100%.

The enrollment levels have only increased marginally, but the level of interest that children and their families are taking in school has increased manifold. This has reflected in the participation of students and their families in academic related activities as well as extra-curricular. Community discussions also encourage and maintain interest, as it creates awareness of support being offered and activities being conducted in the school.



9th Science

10th Science



GHSS Kabal





GHSS Charbagh





GHS Kanju





GHS Deolai





Grand Total



Total of 660 students are using Science Lab for experiments and science assignments but in all schools science apparatus is too limited and schools are not getting any help from the Education Deptt in this regards. Also GHS Tootanubanday don’t have any Science Lab and apparatus because Science lab was completely destroyed when school was blasted during militancy and now a day’s students are giving practical science knowledge through science simulations in IT-Lab. See attachments for science experiments list conducted (conducting) by students in science labs.

Inquiry based learning method/ Project based learning method was taught to the teachers and their problems were solved by giving them dem

IT classes were started in August, as part of the new term and have become so widely popular that there was not enough space in the IT-Labs, or time in the working day, to accommodate all those who are interested to learn computer and IT skills. The classes were therefore grouped up into clusters, which meant that students did not get enough time to practice what they learnt. Addition of another IT lab should solve this problem, and help accommodate additional enrollments and enhance the students learning. The lab is kept open during the afternoon and offers short courses on MS Office, Adobe, etc, as it did in the summer. These courses are progressing well, and the enrollment in each course is nearly double of what it was in July. The overall enrollment for all five schools IT courses has increased from 161 to 236.

The librarians have now started working with the students in study clubs. More and more students have been joining these study clubs, making the library extremely busy at all times. This reflects better study habits and an increased interest in the student population to research on topics relevant to their class lectures and course material. The teachers are being encouraged to inculcate such study habits by giving assignments for their respective subjects, in order for the students to utilize the libraries in a productive and useful manner.

Pakistan’s Independence Day was celebrated in all five schools. National songs were sung, speeches were made, and a debating competition was held. Students made charts, and raised the slogan for Pakistan Zindabad (“Long Live Pakistan”). Some community members also participated in the walk with the children.

Cluster training for the teachers was organized from the 16th to the 22nd of August. The basic aim was to effectively respond to any questions the teachers had, and to improve the teaching methodology. The teachers were first given this training, after which their teaching methods were supervised to see how effective the training had been.

By AV Aids (Audio visual Aids) we meant those electronic devises and other devises through which we can share information with students like audio and video cassettes, video conference, science models and charts etc.



IT-Classes were started form 1st January 2013 in all the five schools by establishing a new time table for winter break in which time was allocated for community classes along with regular periods. IT-Teachers have continued their regular periods for 6th, 7th and 8th according to their syllabus while for 9th and 10th three periods were given weekly. The students' strength in classes increased day by day and its reason is the high motivation of staff and interest of students who brought their friends (class fellows) to schools. The interest of students in IT-Classes was very appreciable because most of the students are from far areas in hills where there are problems of transport and very extreme temperature and snow. And in spite of the hurdles, they continued IT-Classes with perfect regularity and learned IT especially MS Office. The strength in IT-Classes in schools is tabulated as follows:



School Name








GHSS Kabal








GHSS Kanju








GHSS Dewlai








GHSS Tootanubanday










The high enrollment in each class in all the 5 schools, is significant and reflects the interest the students are taking in IT and positive attitude of community towards IT as they sent their children to schools in spite of the tough weather conditions. The Principal of GHS Tootanubanday has given vacation to class 6th and 7th for not coming for IT-Classes due to extreme weather condition in Tootanubanday and localities from where students belong. Before this step, more than 20 students from class 6th and 30 students from class 7th were participating in IT-Classes.

Progress Up till January 2015:


The Vocational Support Centre (Moqah Placement office) has secured twenty-four (24) job placements in the 7th quarter, eleven (11) of which are Sabaoon graduates/reintegrated individuals. However, in the previous quarters (Q5 and Q6), they were able to secure  fifteen (15) placements, of which only one was an RI individual/Sabaoon graduate. A Tailoring shop was initiated during the 6th Quarter and two of the RI individuals are employed there. An additional RI individual (2-I) has also joined this tailoring shop in Mingora, as the situation in his community was unstable and therefore he was vulnerable to recruitment.

(5) Placement Officers  have been working to seek employment opportunities for RI Graduates and other unemployed youth, in order to minimize their vulnerability towards militancy. The 5th Placement Officers has been hired in Quarter 6th on part time basis where he will be conducting visits in Peshawer region. Two candidates have been placed in Quarter 6th in which One is normal and one is RI graduate. In previous quarter 13 placements were done.

Four (4) RI Graduates have been provided tailoring tools to work and manage a stable income. Two (2) of the RI graduates who were agreed to work together have been provided a Tailoring shop in Mingora. The remaining two (2-I and 5 H) have been provided tools and have initiated work accordingly in their own communities, however, due to community disorganization 2-I has relocated to Mingora and has also joined the tailoring shop.

The four (4) RI individuals were provided with tools for initiating tailoring work in their communities. A shop in Mingora has been taken on rent for two (2) of these individuals, for which furniture and fixtures were also provided.

Additional individuals were to be supported during the Q7, however, due to delays in reimbursements from the donors, this was not initiated, as essential operations from the existing projects were to be focused upon.

  • Number of apprenticeship placements are facilitated and funded by the project
  • 50 individuals to be facilitated by 31stMarch 2015
  • A total of twenty-four (24) placements were made during the 7th Quarter.
  • Four (4) RI individuals and fifteen (15) non-Sabaoon/ non-RI individuals in 6thQuarter. An additional twenty four (24) placements were facilitated during the 7th Quarter, which brings the total placements to forty-three (43)
  • Monthly Reports from Project Manager of VSC. Additional reports (FUV and TFU) from MC regarding the RI population
  • Four RI individuals have initiated work as tailors. Two (2) of these individuals are working in their own communities with senior tailors, of which one has joined two (2) RI individuals at a tailoring shop in Mingora. Therefore, three (3) of these currently work in Mingora, and one is working from his own home. The rent for the shop and the tools for tailoring have been provided from SWAaT. No additional expenses are supported.
  • Additionally, fifteen (15) individuals have been placed in jobs in varying capacities up till the 6thQuarter, twelve (12) of these individuals were placed in jobs during the 5th Quarter, therefore, three (3) were placed in the 6th Quarter. Twenty-four (24) additional individuals were placed in different jobs during the 7th quarter, of which eleven (11) are Sabaoon graduates/reintegrated individuals. No expenses are supported by SWAaT or the donors.


School Intervention Program

In this quarter, Teachers’ Training was given prime focus by conducting one week workshop on critical thinking in core subjects of Science, Math and English for all SIP-Schools. In Dec 2014, an Inter-School Debate and Quiz Competition were held in which 150 Students from 55 Govt. High Schools participated. Debate Competition was won by Tootanubandai, while Deolai 2nd and Kabal got 3rd position. Quiz Competition was won by Deolai, while Kabal remained 2nd and Kanju got 3rd position. Each of SIP-school took part in various games in district sports tournament conducted by Sport Board in which GHSS Kabal became Football champion, GHS Deolai became Volleyball and Badminton champion, while GHS Tootanobandai and Charbagh remained on 2nd position in Volleyball and Cricket in the district, respectively.



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